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VM Easy Migration is one of the best Immigration firms in New Zealand. As part of our services, we provide personal one-on-one counseling to about 20,000+ individual inquiries every month for migrating, study and work visas. Over 50% of our customers are from word-of-mouth. No other company understands overseas careers like we do.

  • Transparent Information about Process and eligibility.
  • Whatever is promised is written in the legal contract.
  • 100% success rate.
  • Experience of more than 10000 processed applications.
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Immigration services

Work permits and related visas

Work permit visa processes differ from country to country. These visas typically allow their holder to work in the issuing country for a specified period of time, which is generally between 2 to 3 years.

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Dependent visas and spouse visas

The experience of living and working abroad is greatly enhanced when you can get your family to join you. Dependent visas and spouse visas allow work visa holders as well as permanent resident visa holders to apply for their spouses to join them when they travel abroad.

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Short term visas such as Business visas and visitor visas

Whether it is a short vacation you have planned with your family or a conference with your international counterparts, a short term visa enables you to travel abroad for a short period of time lasting no longer than six months. Our immigration consultants at Global Tree are equipped with their knowledge of visa rules and regulations to process short term visas for a number of countries

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  • Transparent Information about Process and eligibility.
  • Whatever is promised is written in the legal contract.
  • 100% success rate.
  • Experience of more than 10000 processed applications.

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Cristina Pitas


(LLB (NZ), Master of Law (EU))

Flexibility, strategic problem solver with good time management skills.
Ability to solve complex problems in a simple and accurate manner

An intelligent, well-presented and talented, experienced lawyer with solid qualifications and comprehensive skill-set, underpinned by work experience in environments demanding self-motivation and focused approach.
A quick learner who can quickly absorb new situations and can communicate clearly and effectively with both legal professionals and members of the public.
Quick and willing to assimilate and apply new work procedures.
Familiar with a wide range of IT applications combined with high standards of numeric and literacy.
Constantly focused on resolving legal issues and always looking for ways to improve and evolve processes. While studying at university I was hardworking, adaptable and resourceful, the course required me to be versatile and equipped me with several essentials skills such as communication presentation and general skills, which are transferable to any environment.

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