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We’re just good people! You’re either an individual who has a dream to migrate and needs a professional to tell them whether they’re eligible. More importantly, you need a company to CARE about your hopes and dreams. Or you’re a company. You need someone to take this stress off your desk and get the right skill in the right country. Talk to us today. You’ll see we’re different.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We enjoy what we do for a living
  • We provide excellent professional services>
  • We have a strong track record of achieving positive results for our clients
  • Usually we charge flat legal fees for our professional services.
  • Most of our clients end up referring their friends, families and co-workers to us.
Yes. By virtue of the fact that we are licensed lawyers in Canada, we are authorized representatives for you for immigration to Canada. Only Lawyers and Immigration Consultants can represent you before Citizenship and Immigration Canada or any Canadian embassy. Our Immigration Lawyers have dealt with over 17 Canadian Embassies and various Citizenship and Immigration Canada Offices across Canada.
During a consultation, we listen to you to better understand your situation. We review the information you provide us including any documents (if applicable) and analyze them. We then look at how Canada's immigration law apply to your situation. We will advise you on the proper course of action to take to address your situation. We also use this time to explain to you what you can expect from us if you retain/hire us to act for you/represent you.
Yes. For one hour consultation, the consultation fee is $350
Since Many Years, VM Easy Migration has been in existence helping people who want to visit, study or immigrate to Canada achieve their dreams. It was started by CRISTINA PITAS. Over the years, She helped numerous persons obtain their Canadian permanent residence, study visas, work visas and visitor visas. In addition, she has resolved a number of complex immigration cases in his clients' favour either through alternative dispute resolution involving the government or through adjudication against the government.
We endeavour to make our legal fee very affordable in order to provide access to legal services. We look at many factors to decide what we charge in each case. The factors we consider include but is not limited to the following: the urgency of your case, the complexity of your case, time that will be expended on your case, the type of case involved etc. We are always open to negotiation on our legal fees before we both sign an agreement. We also make flexible payment arrangement with clients.
No. We do not work before payment of our legal fee.

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